2017 || A Personal Year Review

when you start to feel
like things should have
been better this year,
remember the mountains and the valleys
that got you here.
they are not accidents
and those moments werent in vain.
you are not the same
you have grown and you are growing
you are breathing, you are living.
you are wrapped in
and things WILL get better
there is more to you than yesterday.
— morgan harper nichols

2017, where did you go?!  The past twelve months sped past me with enough momentum to rival that of my three-year-old.

This is a brief collection of my favourite personal images from 2017.  I can say personal, because this was the first year that I finally felt comfortable enough to take photos of other people (that post is in the works).

Thank you for your love and support I am very honored but I am also very proud of the transformation I can see in my work over the past twelve months.  I am eagerly anticipating 2018 and all the growth it will bring.


Camilla French is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based in North Queensland.  Camilla travels regularly and would love to meet you on one of her journeys or make a special trip just for that reason.  If you want magical, real photos that ignore the perfect and capture your imperfect, cherished reality - get in touch so she can make that happen. x