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Why do I do this?  My photography, my life?

Simply put, it fulfils me, in every aspect, it is my happy place, but that is not all.  Life is bittersweet, for all its joy there is so much hurt, for all the life there is loss and even though it lasts a lifetime, it is fleeting.  I have experienced this and even though I don't always embrace life to its fullest, I understand how swiftly it passes us by.  I want to capture as much of this as I can and hold on to it for as long as I can.  Photography is a great way to do this (plus it makes me happy, so win-win). 

I feel very passionately about the now, in all its imperfection, because I passed up the now only to find that later was ... too late.  

My why is ... because why not

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Hey, I’m Camilla French - Photographer.  But what I’m really known for is telling tales through images, finding the truth and recording it for eternity, making memories easily accessible long after they have disappeared into the recesses of your mind and doing it in the form of art to display on your walls and share with friends and family.  I do all of this to express myself in ways that are relevant.  I do this because I want my legacy to be meaningful and unconstrained and real.  I do it for me.  I do it for you.  

I love working with families but I also embrace anyone who recognises that time is fleeting.  Those who understand the value of connection over perfection, truth over smiles.  I love to immerse myself with folk who are carefree and relaxed, people who except that life is messy and exquisite all in the same moment and aren’t afraid of that, those who want to remember all it and more because it is real and it’s theirs.  So I help them by creatively and shamelessly grasping momentary instances of their life, to ensure that their tribe’s legacy spans through time. 

I am Mummy to two big personalities in little bodies, the wife of a wonderful and loving man and the only child of two very lucky people.  I have lost many important people in my life and been left with numerous regrets from thinking that there will always be tomorrow, so I get the importance of documenting today.  I understand that life will never be picture perfect and that's ok - it's inspired anyway.  

I want to see the real you, the you that's around when you think no one is watching. I want to see the pure emotion the radiates out when you laugh, play and feel.  I love the beautiful early morning or late afternoon light. I love outside.  I love inside. I love to be somewhere that has meaning, to you, and because of that I want to come to your house and photograph you and your family in your element, surrounded by the things that mean the most to you.  I want to go to your favourite weekend picnic spot or where your daughter caught her first fish.  I want to visit your memories.

I do all of this because it's real, it's relevant, it's essential. Let's get together and transcribe your journey now - it's already perfect.


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While the accolades and recognition is not why I do this photography thing … it sure it nice to have my work acknowledged and appreciated. Here are my achievements to date.


• Click Pro

• The Voice Finalist - 2017


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• Australian Photography Magazine

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