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Fine Art School Portraits


These aren’t your ordinary, daggy school photos. These are art that you can be proud to share in years to come. It’s a little different than what we have grown to expect but it’s exciting and I’m very proud to offer it.


Q +A


What is ‘fine art’ school photography?


The service I offer through my school photography is personalised and professional. This is only available to schools within the local area which allows me to offer superior customer service and artistic images.

I will never force a child to smile, just simply capture them as they are. These images are genuine and timeless, which sets them apart from the traditional, dorky school photos we are used to. I provide an environment in which the children can relax and be themselves.


What services do you offer?


I photograph schools and day cares.

I do staff and class photos.

I do sibling photos. These photos only include the children but they do not have to be school age. They take place in the morning, prior to the school photos being taken.

I provide all the equipment and personnel needed to make the day run smoothly.

I offer a complete online service. The families are provided with a linked password protected gallery through which they can view their child’s gallery as well as order. The galleries will be set up according to grade and child. A detailed PDF will be provided for the school to share with parents to make the process painfree. I am available to handle any questions and assist the parents if it is needed.

Paper order forms are available on request. However, through this method, only prints are available and the image is chosen by the photographer, not the parent.

All prints are delivered directly to the school and digital downloads direct to the family.

I provide the school with digitals copies at their request to be used for year books, marketing ect.


How many children can you accomodate?


I can accomodate up to 200 children. I work with a variety of ages from babies to teenagers.


Are these images expensive?


I have competitive rates. I offer a variety of collections and a-la-carte products to suit everyones needs.

I donate 10% of my total profits to the school P&C

There is a booking fee of $200 to the school, however, on average all of this is returned through the 10% I donate back.


What time of year do you do these photos?


I like to do the photos within the first two weeks of term 3, when it is cool and everyone is fresh from the recent break.



This is an example of one child’s entire gallery. The focus is of the student and their personality. The number of images will vary depending on the student, the more open and willing they are, generally the more images that there will be to choose from.

Unlike traditional school portraits, the parent gets to choose which images they want to keep, that is their privilege - not mine.

Each photo comes in both colour and black and white and there is a minimum of two unique images of each child.








Collection 1

(2) 5x7
(1) 8x10



Collection 2

(2) 5x7
(2) 8x10



Collection 3

(1) 5x7
(1) 8x10
(1) 11x14



Collections are for ONE images, you may not combine images.




Per File - $30

All Digitals - $65


Add Ons


(4) Wallets - $10

(1) 5x7 - $10

(2) 5x7 - $15

(1) 8x10 - $20

(1) 11x14 - $30

(1) Class Photo 8x10 - $20