Maddie + Alex || A Forrest Beach Wedding || Hinchinbrook Wedding Photographer

I was SO super excited for Maddie + Alex’s Forrest Beach wedding a few weeks back. The intimate back yard nuptials were held on a Wednesday with their closest family and friends. Maddie, an Australian, and Alex, a Mexican live together Abu Dhabi, this alone was enough to grab my interest and this day did not disappoint.

First of all there was a cyclone - in May! The beach side wedding was a little windier than anticipated and what was supposed to be an open air reception became a little cozier inside a gazebo. It was all unexpected and a little unplanned but it was pulled off perfectly and you would never have known it.

The couple decided to have their wedding in Forrest Beach as it is where Maddie’s father, Michael, retired to after he was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy (MSA). It is a rare neurodegenerative disorder which is claiming his speech, movement and co-ordination, to name a few. There is no known cure or even the ability to delay the progression. You can read more about MSA here. When Maddie first contacted me she was unsure if her father would be able to walk her down the aisle and that we would see how he was feeling on the day. I can say with complete pride that, Michael, with the help of his family, walked his baby girl down the aisle, for me it was the highlight of the day. Below you will see photos of this moment, they mean everything. They are powerful, heartbreaking and radiating complete love all at once.

The fact that Alex’s family travelled all the way from Mexico was another highlight for me. The ceremony, the vows and some of the speeches were delivered in both English and Spanish and while my Spanish is limited to Speedy Gonazles, I do know: amor (love), so I know that there was a lot of love being shared that day.

For both the bride and groom to be surrounded by their family on this (incredibly windy/freezing/drizzly) wonderful day, when everyone had to travel such great distances is a credit to the people that they are. I was in constant awe of the open display of emotions from quaking sobs to hearty laughs and of course who could ignore the way Maddie + Alex look at each other.

Thank you both for inviting me to be apart of your glorious day, I laughed and even shed a tear or two and it fills my heart that I was able to do so. I wish you both the most wondrous life, though I know you already have it.




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