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i will love you
as long as the sun
burns in the sky,
shines its light
into the dark night,
until the raging
blue oceans become
calm and run dry.
i will love you until
the end of time.
— christy ann martine

I have known this family for a number of years now, seen them at social gatherings and the kid's school events, however, as well as I thought I knew them, last Saturday I was invited into their home to witness them in their own environment.  And what a pleasure it was.  

Can you imagine the chaos of four children at home?  Well multiply that by four and you will begin to imagine the affection that radiates out of this family.  Any words I could find would be an understatement.  Now don't for a moment think there were not the usual sibling shenanigans - because was there tenfold.  **Edit** Make that five children, Lucy, the lovable family pooch is a half-sister, which is a very important fact, should you ever visit.

In such a brief time I was introduced to their day-to-day life, saw their home and visited their backyard (they have WATER in their creek 😆).  My afternoon was filled with brothers cracking jokes and showing off, snuggles with Mum and being told just how amazing she is, open, outpouring affection from Dad and countless jokes (let's just say it was very apparent who the family comedian is).  

Not only was a fortunate enough to spend a glorious day with this lovable tribe, I also got to spend the night, see game night, eat homemade pizza and sleep without my kids because early the next morning I had a session with their neighbors, their brother/sister-in-law/cousins!  What an amazing family dynamic that these kids are being raised in.  All involved should be proud.

So enjoy, I know I did.

Camilla French is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based in North Queensland.  Camilla travels regularly and would love to meet you on one of her journeys or make a special trip just for that reason.  If you want magical, real photos that ignore the perfect and capture your imperfect, cherished reality - get in touch so she can make that happen. x

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