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family (n.)
life’s greatest blessing. a group that dreams,
laughs, plays and loves together. those whom you
can always count on. always present not only in the
good times. the most precious gift.

I am not a morning person.  While I enjoy the early morning once I am up, getting up is a struggle, it does not come naturally to me.  This was an early morning...

5:30am - My alarm went off, lucky I am naturally beautiful and radiant when I wake up (ha) and didn't have far to travel, just a few metres, in fact, I was at the same property as this family (shared last week).  The air was still cool and fresh, the sun barely illuminated the sky, part of me questioned why I was awake, especially when neither of my kids were in sight, the other part of me was excited to see what in store for this session.  As I got to the house, I found out I was amongst my own people, the kids weren't lovers of early rising either - luckily it didn't take long for any of us to awaken to our full potential.  

I knew well in advance that animals played a huge role in this family's life, I just didn't realise the variety!  There were horses, kittens, dogs and even a few pigs (in the distance), I'm pretty certain that had we had the time they would have found a few more species for me.  The connection this tribe had with each other, and their four-legged companions, was heartwarming and made the early wake up worthwhile.  

However, after making the most of the day's first light and brief coolness of a summer morning, we headed back to the house for breakfast.  Along the way there were still a few more shots to take, animals to meet and moments to remember when the unthinkable happened...!!!



My camera broke!!

My stomach dropped, I tried everything in my power to correct it but I was powerless, I could do nothing.  On the plus side, it was a great excuse to upgrade, as the broken camera will be away for six weeks.  So I am set with my new beast and ready to capture anything that comes my way.  But before then, scroll down and look at the shot that broke my camera - it's a good one and who would have thought someone so gorgeous could pull off such a feat?  

Camilla French is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based in North Queensland.  Camilla travels regularly and would love to meet you on one of her journeys or make a special trip just for that reason.  If you want magical, real photos that ignore the perfect and capture your imperfect, cherished reality - get in touch so she can make that happen. x

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