Pattison's || A Charters Towers Couple

i’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life,
but if
every single one
had to happen to make sure I was
right here,
right now,
to meet you,
then i forgive myself
for them all.
— k. towne jr.

I have a confession ... I had NEVER photographed a couple with out children present before this session.  Children are my photography crutch.  Young children especially, they don't look at the camera and after a warm up period naturally revert back to their authentic self.  Children make my role easy, adults make me work for it.  Adults have years of preconviced ideas of what photos should be, smiling, looking and posing.  Adults have years of defense mechinisms built around them so that when a stranger points a camera in their face ... que awkward laughter.  As a photographer it is my role to tease that magic out and on this day things weren't going great for me.  I had a kidney infection and a fever of 39C, every movement I made was painful, I probably should have cancelled but I didn't.  Boy, am I glad I didn't.  

We met a top Mount Stuart, over looking Townsville.  I picked this location for the view, the bushland and the wind, turns out they love it was well.  I was not dissapointed.  The session flowed, the couple were gorgeous and everything fell into perfect alignment.  Check out it out for yourself:


Camilla French is a lifestyle and landscape photographer based in North Queensland.  Camilla travels regularly and would love to meet you on one of her journeys or make a special trip just for that reason.  If you want magical, real photos that ignore the perfect and capture your imperfect, cherished reality - get in touch so she can make that happen. x