FAQ #3 || Do you travel?

This question follows on directly from FAQ #2 || Where are you located?, if you haven’t already seen this one you can check it out HERE.



After reading that you will understand that I am located a long way from very little and even further from something, so in short …

yes! I travel.

I travel for groceries, for doctors appointments, for shopping, for fun and most importantly I travel for YOU! Luckily for me, I’m used to it and I love it, see the travel bug bit me early. I love to explore new places and see new things.

My travel dates are posted on my website and as soon as I know … you will too. I do charge a travel fee, however, if you catch me while I am in your area then your session will be FREE from those extra fees.

If you are interested in me coming to your town but don’t really want to fork out the cost of getting me there (I totally get it) I can arrange that as well. All you have to do is find 4 other people to have a session at the same time and BAM … no one pays travel!

Also, there will be times when I have to go to ‘town’ for personal reasons and I will post last minute availability, this could be as little as 24 hrs notice. I will let my subscribers know first (the option to subscribe will be ready as soon as I work out how to set it up), followed by Facebook/Instagram. If you happen to score one of these last minute sessions, you might even receive a sneaky little bonus. BUT please don’t rely on these as they will be erratic and spontaneous, just like my life sometimes.

The dates are on the website but I will be travelling to the following towns in 2019:


If you are in any of those places and looking for a session … get in touch ASAP, spaces are limited. I still have dates where I haven’t decided where I will go, so … I could easily make that YOUR place. I would also like to add that I am not restricted to North Queensland, I travel Australia wide and internationally.


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