Mia + Steve || An Intimate Townsville Couple

I was lucky enough to find Mia + Steve, in Townsville, after they responded to a model call I put out. They were exactly what I was looking for to create the vision I had, this session is that vision come to life.

Right from the start I fell in love with this quaint West End home, the snug rooms, warmed by the wooden floors, the neutral panelled walls and the windows which illuminated it all just perfectly. It was nearly an added bonus that Mia + Steve have decorated their home superbly. I can not stress enough how in love with that rug I am, I nearly could have done a whole session just with it. This is a home that craves for snuggles on the couch and lazy Sunday’s in bed. All of this is more apparent by the close connection of this gorgeous couple and to think I was privy to all of this.

I feel that people are only just starting to warm up to in-home sessions and yet for me … I love them. They are cosy and intimate and real. You can discard any pretension and just be you and that’s what I want to capture. So if you are second guessing whether or not to have an intimate, in-home session … don’t! You won’t regret it, that I am sure of.


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