FAQ #2 || Where are you located?

I get asked all the time, where are you from? My answers are often vague because most people have never heard of the tiny little town, which is still 160km from my front door, Einasleigh. But let me give you a detailed description … and a map.

I live on a cattle property in North Western Queensland, Gilberton Station, it is 460km North West of Townsville or 540km South West of Cairns. Our back yard is 35 600 hectares and is home to roughly 2000 head of cattle along with countless native wildlife. I live on the property with my husband and two tiny (or not quite so tiny anymore) ferals, as well has his parents, sister and her fiancé.

Here is a map for those of us that are more visual:


As previously mentioned Gilberton is 160km from the small township of Einasleigh, though there is little there, 20 people, pub and a post office is all the graces our nearest ‘town’. We make the 460km trip approximately once a month to Townsville for groceries and other supplies, this is what we call ‘going to town’.

My children are home schooled through a distance ed schooling program. What this means is that a school, in Maryborough, sends us both the classroom program, which tells us the lesson plans, and the work books, containing all the worksheets needed. We (myself, my husband or a ‘govie’ (someone employed by us to teach our kids)) then implement the work supplied, not my favourite part of living here but luckily there are many positives to balance it out. These are just a few:

  • The freedom

  • No neighbours

  • No noise

  • The kids can make unlimited noise

  • Fishing, swimming, camping and not having to share the location

  • Space is never an issue

I am grateful that this is the kind of lifestyle I am able to enjoy and offer to my children.

We allow camping on our property so if you ever want some where to get away from ‘it all’, then you are more than welcome - after all we have plenty of room.


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