Why did I become a photographer?

The easy answer is that it comes naturally to me. For the first time in my life I am able to do something that I am good at, enjoy and it just flows.

It’s always been something I was interested in doing. I remember as a kid I would flick through National Geographic magazine and dream about the day I was a world renowned photographer, gracing the pages of this prestigious mag. So yes, the interest was always there.

But that harder answer, the one that really hurts because it means the most is because of a day in January 2014. This was a day when I didn’t seize the moment and I didn’t take the photo, that’s the day that sticks to me like tar.

My uncle had recently be diagnosed with cancer and the outlook wasn’t great. We had all travelled to Mareeba to be with him, to offer our love, our support and that powerful championing energy that a family can bring in hardship. All his siblings were there, both sisters and his brother… as well as the add ons, nieces, nephews, in-laws.

I wasn’t a photographer, though I did have a camera and a kindle in the depths. I had taken my camera with me on this trip but out of fear it never made it out of the car. You see, this was a time to be strong and brave and I felt that if I co-ordinated that photo, the one of the whole family together because it might be the last, then I wasn’t being positive enough and maybe my wavering strength would be his undoing. That photo was all I could think of that day, it niggled in the back of my mind while we laughed and joked and told stories of better times, but I never took it.

It was the last time we were all together.

Why am I a photographer?

Because moments don’t last, memories fade and sometimes we need to return to a time long gone.


Also because of these two right here, I want them to have records of moments they never knew they had and family and friends that have moved on. At any given time I want them to be able to time travel based purely on a photograph.


Camilla French is an intimate and emotive, couple, family and wedding photographer. Camilla is based in North Queensland, however, is available for travel Australia wide. She visits places such as Townsville, Cairns, Brisbane and Melbourne to name a few, click here for current travel dates.

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