Kelsey + Mark || An Intimate Townsville Couple

This beautiful couple were naturally at home in front of the camera, Fergus 🐶, however, was not as impressed with my camera (or me), let’s just say we are lucky that a photo is only a fraction of a second because after this first pic was snapped he was off. Not only is the duo a photographer’s dream, their home was curated to perfection, I honestly I could not have asked for better, I love interiors and this one did not disappoint, they should both be very proud of the home they have created.

Kelsey was a little concerned about wardrobe choices prior to my arrival but one of the perks of in-home sessions is the easy access to multiple outfits and I said we could always work it out when I got there. I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree with me when I say she under estimated her styling abilities because both Mark and Kelsey were co-ordinated not only with each other but also their surroundings.

I am honestly trying to find the right words to describe this session but I just find myself scrolling back and forth and the beauty of these moments give me goosebumps. So with feelings like these, you don’t really need words from me.

Enjoy them for yourself.


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Camilla French is an intimate and emotive, couple, family and wedding photographer. Camilla is based in North Queensland, however, is available for travel Australia wide. She visits places such as Townsville, Cairns, Brisbane and Melbourne to name a few, click here for current travel dates.