My best ... for now

metanoia (n.) - the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.

These are the 150 images I submitted for my application to CM Pro.  These were my best images at the time.  I say 'were' because each time I pick up my camera I get a little better, my vision changes and my skills improve.  I love all these pictures, without a doubt, but if I were to submit again now, some wouldn't make the cut, they would be replaced by others and I love that.  Nothing in life is permanent, we are in constant motion, changing and evolving.  We are shaped by our experiences and that in turn morphs our outlook.  There is no end, no final destination, which is great because it means that I will never be finsihed and I will never run out of art to create.  

Camilla FrenchComment