Children speak ...

Children speak the
language of the flowers
and understand the
whispers of the wind.

They’re in tune with
the subtle songs of the
forest; they can listen
to the trees, interpret
the chatter of the
rivers, and intuit the
meaning of each sparkle
of sun.

They don’t have to be
told to look for the
magic in life. They can
see it, feel it, and
taste it’s sweetness

Our job isn’t to correct
that, but to nurture it,
to preserve it, and
perhaps even to
re-learn it.
— Cristen Rodgers

I am a lifestyle and landscape photographer based in North Queensland.  I travel regularly and would love to meet you on one of my journeys or make a special trip just for that reason.  If you want magical, real photos that ignore the perfect and capture your imperfect, cherished reality - get in touch so we can make that happen. x