My War Cry

Your ancestors did not survive
everything that nearly ended them
for you to shrink yourself
to make someone else

This sacrifice is your warcry, be loud,
be everything and make them proud.
— Nikita Gill

This is me.  This is my war cry.  This is me being loud and being everything I am destined to do.  This is me being proud of who I am and what I do.  This is the start of me owning my name, my work, and my dreams and being proud and unashamed to share this with the world.  I am Camilla French, I am a photographer, I am an artist and I am me - like it or leave it because I LOVE it!

I am a lifestyle photographer.  I am unapologetically unashamed that I love the imperfect perfection that is real, messy life.  I chase it, I seek it out and I turn it into art, memories, and records for the future.  My tribe is spread far and wide but the common thread that binds us is the acceptance that time is fleeting, real life is messy and that regardless it is all inspired and all worth recalling.

I am a landscape photographer.  I believe that we are nothing without the world around us.  Where we live, work, play, connect is as much apart of our journey as the people we surround ourselves with.   I am constantly surprised by the vast beauty of this immense country and I want to remember it all, I want to share it all.  I live in a remote part of Australia and for some, the only way to experience this is through an image, this is one reason why I do what I do.  But if for no other reason, I take landscapes because this is the world that is a part of my story, and that is special enough on its own.  

North Queensland has always been my home, it's where I grew up, it's where my children will grow up and it is where my heart resides.  I feel that it has given me so much and now I am privileged enough to return something - my vision.  I travel across this vast region in search of my kin, I journey through towns big and small, rural and coastal, and along the way, I meet family I never knew and witness magic that is only whispered of.  I know all of this sounds spectacularly imaginary but it is real, it is real life.  

So wherever you may be as you read this, be it Cairns/Townsville/Charters Towers or anywhere in between, know that your story is extraordinary, that your people are exhilarating and that your journey is worth transcribing.   

Get in touch - I can't wait to meet you - and we can get together to document your life, the way it is now, it's already perfect.