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I am always honoured to be invited into a family’s space but after hearing about the strength and love of Hayley’s family, I felt incredibly touched. But let’s be real here and let me tell you that this session was not without it’s dramas.

To start with, who would have thought there would be a cyclone in May!

Hayley and I had originally planned to meet at the beach but on the morning of our shoot she messaged me with concerns that it was too windy and suggested we relocate - not a problem. After a bit of local research I found an inland, secluded area that would be perfect for photos but as luck would have it the wind died down and we were able to continue with our original plan of the beach! Yay!

I headed to a secluded area near Kewarra Beach that I found on Google Maps to meet Hayley and her two beautiful kids. I parked and trekked through a muddy track (some what similar to Cape York’s Telegraph Track), I braved unleashed, unaccompanied dogs only to discover that Hayley and I were at different beaches … doh!

Despite all that it took for us to get together I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this awesome threesome. There was laughter, tears and even a teenage boy showing his sister a smidge of affection (eww… gross 😂). Hayley purchased this session for herself as a Mother’s Day present and I couldn’t think of a better gift.

I look forward to next year when Hayley gets me back for a family update.



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