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Have you ever seen the meme and it says something about those people you used to party with each weekend now being successful grown-ups and parents … these are my people!

Chloe was my first friend when I went to boarding school in grade 7, I met her on the first day and we just clicked, and I’ve known Sam since high school - that’s 19 years worth of memories, many of which can’t be shared here 😳. Their’s however is one of those stories we will talk about when we are really old. They were friends first, then dated in high school after a connection formed on a netball/rugby tour, parted ways for quite a few years and then came back to each other. A stunning wedding, one beautiful boy (who has the best of each of them, though his co-ordination is all from his Mum 😂) and another babe on the way … it is a truly blessed life and I couldn’t be prouder to be apart of it and able to recored these memories for them.

This morning was an early start, the session was at 6:30am, it was Father’s Day, my daughter’s birthday and it was just the time that worked best for us, and I’m so glad we did it this way. Hamish was fresh, happy and full of cheek, his parent’s probably would have liked more sleep but that’s just parent life 🙄 and the light, oh the light was just glorious. I could babble on for days about all the reasons why I love these photos but just keep scrolling and see for yourself, after all I’m a photographer not an author.

To the Skeat Famiily,
Thank you from the depths of my heart for inviting me once again into your home and trusting me with this most important of times for your family.
It was a joy to meet your boy, when he was awake and not screaming his tiny newborn lungs out at me, I can see what a blessing he has been to your lives. I wait with great anticipation for the safe arrival of your newest family member and look forward to our introduction.
Much love to you all.

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